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24-Sep-2021 - AORA responds to the fourth review of the Product Stewardship (Oil) Act

30-Aug-2021 - AORA Commissions Literature Review on the Use of Waste Oil in Mining Explosives. 

20-Aug-2021 - The National Waste and Recycling Industry Council (NWRIC) has commented on the fourth review of the PSO Act. 

10-Aug-2021 - Government Response to the Fourth Independent Review of the Product Stewardship (Oil) Act Released.

10-Aug-2021 - Fourth Independent Review of the Product Stewardship (Oil) Act Released.

18-Jul-2018 - ABC News: Hydrogen power plant pilot, a first for Queensland, highlights resurgence of humble chemical element

17-Jul-2018 - Gladstone Observer: Northern Oil in Australian-first hydrogen production project

26-Jun-2018 - Gladstone Observer: Japan's revolutionary hydrogen plan for Gladstone

28-Mar-2018 - Queensland Government Media Statement: Gladstone leads the way for innovative waste management

02-Mar-2018 - WIN News Central Queensland: Fuel of the future - Leeanne Enoch visit to Gladstone

02-Mar-2018 - Gladstone Observer: Yarwun plant's Australia-first - renewable diesel

26-Feb-2018 - Trade & Investment Queensland: Clean Hydrogen - collaborating with Sumitomo

15-Feb-2018 - Gladstone Observer: Why Japan sees huge potential in Gladstone

11-Nov-2017 - Gladstone Observer: Gladstone biorefinery showcased to world at United Nations

30-Aug-2017 - WIN News Central Queensland: Shorten visit to Northern Oil Refinery

30-Aug-2017 - Gladstone Observer: What Shorten thinks is key to Gladstone's future

22-Jun-2017 - Gladstone Observer: Gladstone company receives $1m bio-hydrogen boost

22-Jun-2017 - Queensland Government: Southern Oil pilot plant receives $1 million boost

13-Jun-2017 - ABC News: Bioenergy pilots set stage for agricultural waste-heavy Riverina region power grab

01-Jun-2017 - Queensland Country Life: Commercial scale Gladstone biofuels pilot plant opened

01-Jun-2017 - Innovator's Magazine: Australia opens first biofuels plant

01-Jun-2017 - Gladstone Observer: Biofuels plant could be 10 times bigger with double the number of jobs

01-Jun-2017 - Gladstone Observer: Australia's first biofuels pilot plant opened in Gladstone

31-May-2017 - Renewables Now: Southern Oil to open USD-13m biofuel plant

24-May-2017 - Hydrocarbon Engineering: Northern Oil advanced biofuels pilot plant opening

24-May-2017 - Hydrocarbon Engineering: Northern Oil advanced biofuels pilot plant opening

16-Dec-2016 - The Guardian Australia: Transforming waste into fuel with Australian innovations, from tyres to sugar cane and agave

16-Dec-2016 - Renew Economy: Accelerating the shift to a vibrant Australian biofuels industry

15-Dec-2016 - Prime Mover Magazine: World’s newest biofuels lab opens in Queensland

13-Dec-2016 - Gladstone Observer: Gladstone's $5m test site to crack billion dollar industry

12-Dec-2016 - 7 News Central Queensland: multi-million dollar lab opens

12-Dec-2016 - Biofuels International: New biofuels laboratory opens in Australia

08-Dec-2016 - SeeNews Renewables: Australia's Southern Oil to cut ribbon on advanced biofuel lab

14-Nov-2016 - Gladstone Observer: Locals score jobs in construction of $16m biofuels plant

11-Nov-2016 - Press Release: Stage 1 of Northern Oil Advanced Biofuels Pilot Plant under construction

10-Nov-2016 - The Gladstone Observer: Construction starts at Gladstone's $16m biofuels pilot plant

21-Sep-2016 - Waste Management Review: Queensland biofuels plant getting closer

30-Aug-2016 - Nature World News: Recycled Tyres Offer Benefits For Economy and Environment

25-Aug-2016 - Biofuels International: Recycled tyres are ‘overlooked’ as a biofuel source

22-Aug-2016 - Biomass Magazine: Queensland to partner with US Navy in biofuel initiative

19-Aug-2016 - Ship and Bunker: Queensland Moves One Step Closer to Becoming U.S Navy Biofuel Bunker Supplier

18-Aug-2016 - The Brisbane Times: US Navy enlists Queensland to discuss biofuel supply

17-Aug-2016 - My Sunshine Coast: Queensland to partner US Navy in massive biofuel initiative

17-Aug-2016 - Australian Regional Media: QLD ports could be major refuelling stations for US Navy

17-Aug-2016 - Bloomberg: U.S. Navy's 'Great Green Fleet' to Tap Australian Biofuel Hub

17-Aug-2016 - The Courier-Mail: Queensland lining up to fuel US Navy

17-Aug-2016 - Gladstone Observer: $150m Gladstone plant to bring 174 jobs

29-Jun-2016 - Energy Global: Australian green fuel biorefinery on horizon

28-Jun-2016 - Biodiesel Magazine: Australian govt. supports development of Queensland biorefinery

28-Jun-2016 - WME Business Environment Network: Making Australia's first green fuel biorefinery a reality

26-Jun-2016 - Biofuels Digest: Northern Oil Advanced Biofuels to construct advanced lab in Queensland

24-Jun-2016 - ABC Capricornia: Yarwun Biofuels plant awarded funding from the renewable energy agency

24-Jun-2016 - SeeNews Renewables: ARENA backs Australia’s 1st biorefinery lab

24-Jun-2016 - Energy Global: Queensland builds biofuels laboratory

24-Jun-2016 - Renew Economy: Biofuel lab to be developed in Queensland, with backing from ARENA

24-Jun-2016 - Green Car Congress: Queensland builds biofuels laboratory

23-Jun-2016 - Press Release: New biofuels laboratory for Queensland

14-Apr-2016 - The Courier-Mail: Queensland wants to lure tourists for permanent holiday

13-Apr-2016 - The Courier-Mail: OPINION: Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk says: ‘We are the best, now let’s prove it’

08-Apr-2016 - ABC Capricornia: Yarwun Biofuels plant will create smaller feeder processing plants across the state

07-Apr-2016 - Queensland Industry Advocate: Prospects for regional Queensland from new biofuels plant

07-Apr-2016 - Gladstone Observer: Plants to create biofuel and 200 jobs in regional Queensland

07-Apr-2016 - Energy Southern Oil Refining to construct advanced biofuels plant in Queensland

06-Apr-2016 - The Guardian Australia: Australia's defence force could run on sugar cane and tyres under biofuel plan

04-Apr-2016 - Waste Management World: $16m Sugarcane Waste to Biofuel Pilot Plant Project Underway in Queensland

04-Apr-2016 - Hydrogen Fuel News: Huge biofuels pilot plant announced in Australia

01-Apr-2016 - Biofuels Digest: Queensland greenlights advanced drop-in biofuels project for military, aviation, marine

01-Apr-2016 - Green Car Congress: US$12M advanced biofuel pilot plant for Queensland, Australia

01-Apr-2016 - Energy Business News: Qld wins $16m biofuels plant

01-Apr-2016 - Hydrocarbons Technology: Southern Oil Refining to build biofuels pilot plant in Queensland

01-Apr-2016 - Biofuels International: Southern Oil Refining to build advanced biofuel pilot plant in Australia

30-Mar-2016 - Biomass Magazine: Giant step forward for new biofuels industry in Queensland

30-Mar-2016 - Gladstone Observer: Where else would you start a new industry?

30-Mar-2016 - Gladstone Observer: Gladstone $16m project to see State lead in biofuels

30-Mar-2016 - Gladstone Observer: 'High level' talks with Pentagon on Gladstone project

29-Mar-2016 - Queensland Industry Advocate: Gladstone leads the way with biofuels plant

29-Mar-2016 - SBS online: Qld steals new biofuels industry from NSW

29-Mar-2016 - ABC online: Biofuel pilot plant worth $16 million launched in Gladstone

29-Mar-2016 - The Courier-Mail: The $16m investment project we stole from NSW

29-Mar-2016 - Brisbane Times - $16m Queensland biofuels pilot plant announced

29-Mar-2016 - Press Release: Giant step forward for new biofuels industry in Queensland

08-Feb-2016 - Gladstone Observer: YOUR STORY: Minister gives feedback on Yarwun refinery

08-Jan-2016 - Taxi Council Queensland Magazine: It's oil good