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Base Oils

base oil

Southern Oil manufactures multiple grades of group 1+ base oils for a wide range of process oil and blending application The most common grades are:

  • SORBO/NORBO 32 (SN150 Light Base Oil), and
  • SORBO/NORBO 52 (SN300 Heavy Base Oil).

Used oil re-refining has been commercially available since the mid-1980s, but few companies successfully produce lube-to-lube base oil to the standard required.

Using standard chemical engineering processes, Southern Oil employs a range of separation and extraction units to manufacture base oil from used oils to a consistent quality.

The re-refined base oil is then sold to third parties to blend with additives for engine, hydraulic, gear and transmission oils.

Fuel Oils

fuel oils

Southern Oil also manufactures multiple grades of fuel oil for a wide range of applications including marine and industrial furnaces. These are

  • Light Fuel Oils,
  • Distillate Fuel Oils,
  • High Aromatic Fuel Oils, and
  • Residual Fuel Oils

Bitumen Components

bitumen oil

Lube oils are a blend of base oil and additives. After extraction during the re-refining process, residual components are sold as asphalt/bitumen extender.